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I made a mistake on the form.

  1. Durchstreichen und korrigieren
  2. Das Formular unten nutzen und und beschreiben, bei welchem Feld was korrigiert werden soll. Innerhalb von 1-2 work days erhält es die korrigierte Form.

I did not receive my form / PDF.

Formular unten ausfüllen. Wir schicken das Formular innerhalb von 1-2 work days (meistens taggleich) erneut an die hinterlegte Emailadresse.

I have not received any confirmation from the residents registration office.

Wir haben leider keinen Einblick in den aktuellen Vorgang.

  1. Direkt mit dem lokalen Office in Kontakt treten.
  2. Formuler erneut verschicken (Verweis: “2. Versuch” manuell auf COver letter hinzufügen).
  3. Abwarten, da es je nach Postweg 1-2 Wochen dauern kann.

Money Back Guarantee*

Our guarantee to our customers: You only pay once you are actually deregistered*. You can find out if you are successfully deregistered by a) calling the registration office where you deregistered, or b) receiving a confirmation letter (this is not always the case; especially if you live outside of Germany).

*If you have not successfully deregistered or received the required confirmation from the German registration office within 45 days of sending them your filled-out deregistration form, you can claim your money back (proof needed). Please get in touch with us by providing your name, email address, customer/invoice number, a short explanation of the situation and attachment of the proof/documents.

If you had problems and want to claim your money back, please visit this page.

Warranty terms:
The guarantor is Expat Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Almstadtstr. 25, 10119 Berlin. The guarantee period is 30 days after dispatch of the letter with deregistration (proof required) to the Bürgeramt; at the latest 45 days after purchase. The guarantee is valid in Germany. The payment will be refunded within 7 days, the credit on the account/credit card can take several weeks and depends on the payment processor. The legal rights of the consumer remain unaffected by the guarantee and are not limited by the guarantee.