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Deregistering your German Address delayed

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Read all about how you can deregister your German address when you’re already living abroad here! 

What’s the fastest way to get a deregistration confirmation when living abroad?

If you need a deregistration confirmation, the fastest way is generally to go directly to your responsible citizen’s office. You will then receive a deregistration certificate immediately. Free of charge! 

However, since the Pandemic, you need an appointment at many citizens’ offices and don’t have the opportunity to go there spontaneously. Sometimes you can’t even get an appointment before you leave. How could you possibly know that it could take so long? 

If you are already abroad, there are still ways to deregister. You have to fill out a few documents, which you can probably find online on the website of your citizens’ registration office. You can send these documents by post to your citizens’ office, together with copies of your identity documents (passport, ID card). 

delayed deregistration Germany
If you are already abroad, there are still ways to deregister.

If it’s possible in the country you live in, use Postal tracking. The Bürgeramt should also contact you by post and send you your deregistration confirmation. However, the offices do not use tracking for their mail.

If you want to be sure that your deregistration confirmation reaches you, you can use our deregistration service. 

Our team will take care of the communication with the citizen’s office and will receive your original deregistration confirmation at our German company address. We will immediately send you a digital version of your deregistration by email. In most cases, this is sufficient for all procedures where you must prove that you’re no longer registered in Germany.

My citizen’s office says I’m no longer registered! What should I do?

“Von Amtswegen abgemeldet”… what is that? Well, you may be deregistered as unknown if official mail doesn’t reach you a few times for whatever reason. The citizen’s office then deems your address as invalid.

It often happens when you move abroad and forget to deregister at the Citizen’s Registration Office. You then can’t get a deregistration certificate anymore because it is only issued once and only if you deregister correctly. 

So what do you do if you need a deregistration certificate? In this case, you must apply for an extract from your registration history. You usually need the deregistration certificate as proof that you no longer live in Germany, and such an extract also gives that proof.

You must apply for it at the citizen’s office, and it usually costs a small fee of between 5 and 20 euros. You can also make the application via mail. 

However, there can sometimes be difficulties. Some foreign banks refuse to transfer such a small amount to the citizen’s office. And the Citizens’ Registration Office will only take action if it has been paid. 

Deregistering your German Address delayed
You have to prove when you left the country

There are usually always questions about delayed deregistrations from the authorities. You have to prove when you left the country. You must provide documents like flight tickets, new rental agreements, and new job contracts to do this.

Furthermore, no postal tracking is used by the citizen’s office, and the post is not insured. 

If you have difficulties communicating in German, you can use our service. We’ll take care of the communication with the citizen’s office for you. We receive your register extract at our German address and immediately send you a digital version. That way, you receive it safely and quickly after the processing time in the citizen’s office is over.

I need a deregistration confirmation to get a new passport abroad!

You need a deregistration certificate if you live abroad and want to renew your passport. If you do not have one, you can travel back to Germany to apply for a new passport. You can be given temporary documents to enter Germany. Please go to the German representation in your country (consulate or embassy).

Once you’re back in Germany, you must apply for a new identity card or passport at your local citizens’ office. When planning your trip, remember that many citizens’ offices require you to book an appointment ahead online.

It can take four to eight weeks before your passport is ready. You have to pick it up in person at the office. To do this, you must either return to Germany or stay there until your passport is ready.

In most cases, it will be easier to deregister in Germany and book your new passport abroad. Find out in advance whether you have to book an appointment at the citizen’s office. 

If you have been officially deregistered unknown, you must apply for an extract from your residence register. You must pay a fee for this excerpt. This document allows you to apply for a new passport in the country you’re currently living in.

It is possible to deregister your residence or apply for an excerpt from your registration history via mail. 

If you have difficulties communicating in German, you can use our service. We will take care of the communication with the office for you. We will receive your registration excerpt or your Abmdlebescheinigung at our German address and immediately send you a digital version. It will arrive safely and quickly, and you can apply for your new passport abroad.

The only thing that takes a lot of time is the processing in the citizen’s office.

Entering Germany without a passport as a German

Deregistering your German Address delayed
When your passport got lost you have to report it

If your passport is lost or stolen abroad, you should go to the nearest registration office or German mission abroad to report the loss or theft. 

You will usually need an identity card, a driving license, or a copy of the lost or stolen passport to identify yourself. You will need good nerves and time if none of these documents are available. In this case, the citizen’s office you are registered with is contacted, which can take some time. The foreign authority will issue a travel document only valid for the return to Germany.

I forgot to deregister my old German residence

Every person living in Germany must be registered. You must inform the citizen’s office about any living change within one week of moving. Violating this rule is an administrative offense.

If you move from Germany to a foreign country, you must deregister your address with the citizen’s office responsible for you. You will need the deregistration certificate, among other things, to present to the German mission abroad so that they can act on your behalf in passport matters and, for example, change the place of residence in your passport or issue a new one if necessary.

So if you’re living abroad and forgot about deregistering your German address, you should do so as soon as possible! 

Why do I need a deregistration certificate?

You need it to terminate various contracts in Germany before the end of their term, for canceling your GEZ contribution and getting out of the German health insurance.

delayed deregistration
You need the deregistration confirmation to cancel your contracts

But it’s absolutely essential for passport reasons!

We often have customers abroad that urgently need to renew their passports to go to an event or a job interview. You can only renew your German passport abroad if you have a deregistration confirmation. Unluckily, getting one after a more extended period of living abroad is unrealistic. 

You’ll need to apply for an excerpt from the residence registry of your last German address. They often have questions in the citizen’s office about when you actually left Germany. In most cases, you must provide proof of your departure and where you live currently. 

The fee isn’t very high, but it all takes time. And only once you receive your registry excerpt can you begin the process of renewing your passport. That’s why it’s crucial to deregister from Germany when you leave!

The deregistration certificate is important

You need the deregistration certificate when applying for a new passport at the German mission abroad at your residence. Without the deregistration certificate, applying for a new passport will be much more expensive and time-consuming. The German authorities in your home country must first authorize the German mission abroad.

What happens if I do not deregister in Germany?

Mostly nothing happens. If you have canceled all your contracts and just moved abroad, most never experience a problem until they need a new passport or return to Germany. Many forget to cancel their GEZ account. And everyone is liable to contribute until they deregister and send proof to the broadcasting company. You might also experience repercussions from health insurers if you failed to cancel correctly. And of course, if you need a new passport, you’ll notice the problem.

Don't forget to deregister from Germany
In some cases it can be inconvenient if you forget to deregister from germany

If you are still registered in Germany, you must apply to the passport authority in Germany responsible for your last place of residence to have a new passport issued. In this case, the German mission abroad is not responsible for issuing a new passport and can act only on your behalf in exceptional circumstances, like an emergency. Furthermore, the fees for the passport increase considerably, and a long waiting time is unavoidable, as the mission abroad must first get authorization to issue a passport from the citizen’s office in Germany responsible for your last residence.


If you’re reading our article because you’re experiencing one of the abovementioned issues, it’s too late to emphasize how important it is to deregister your German residence.

You’ll need to go threw all necessary motions to renew your passport and get your paperwork in order. 

We know how inconvenient it can be. Unfortunately, we can’t make anything happen much faster for you, apart from sending your document digitally once we receive it. And, of course, we can assist you with any language barriers. So if you’re in a pickle, don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we’ll support and help you as best we can!

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