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On deregistration.de you can fill out the German deregistration form in English. We are here to help you deregister your German residence. Here you can find out: What is deregistration (Abmeldung)? Why do I need to deregister before I leave Germany? How do I deregister? Ultimately, our online deregistration form allows you to initiate the deregistration process right here, right now.

The information on this platform is based on the experiences of +5500 previous users, and personal interviews conducted with German officials in 16 different registration offices all over Germany (last updated in August 2019).

We are here for you. You can always reach us either by email or live chat, if you have any questions about the deregistration process.

We also have colleagues users feeding us with live information about changes in bureaucratic procedures all the time; of course, there is no guarantee for anything when it comes to the German ‘living organ’ called bureaucracy.

That’s why we offer you our money-back-guarantee.

We have a money-back-guarantee and our team is here to help you around the clock. We want to support you and make your life easier. Should this for some reason not be the case, please contact us. You can always get in touch with us via chat or email.

Deregistration.de is a project by SympatMe

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SympatMe is an established relocation platform that has successfully supported expats moving to Germany since  2014. On SympatMe you can beat German bureaucracy online. You can do all the steps you must take when moving to Germany on our website. From registering, finding accommodation, to opening a bank account and getting your social security number. We will guide you through the process in a straightforward and quick way.

To make this even easier, you can fill out German bureaucratic documents and application forms online – in English. How does this work? Well. For example, you can fill out the public health insurance application form on our website, in English. Once you have completed the online form, all your data is automatically transferred onto the original German form, which we have linked to the English form. In other words, once you have completed the form, we will send you a PDF of the German official document with your data on it (that you previously entered online). All you have to do now is to print the document and send it to the right address – which we provide for you!

On SympatMe we also support you by publishing updated relocations news and articles about how it is like to live, work, eat, get friends and find hobbies in Germany… Curious? Read our wiki articles now!

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If you have any ideas, would like to share our project or become involved in it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to see our project grow.

We hope that we can contribute to making Germany an accommodating place for every newcomer and help them find their way around bureaucratic procedures safely.