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You can try out our live chat or send us a message on this page. Simply select the reason you are contacting us and we will be in touch shortly.

  1. You have made a mistake when you filled out the form and now you have already received the PDF, and cannot go back to edit it? No worries. You can simply print the form and then use a pen to cross out what is wrong and write the correct word/number by hand next to it. The forms will be read by an employee, not an automated machine.
  2. Alternatively, please use the form below and describe which field should be edited. We will send you the edited form within a few working days.

You have filled out the deregistration form on our website but did not receive the form? Don’t worry. This should not happen, but if it does, it was probably a glitch and you don’t have to submit the form another time (which takes time, right?). We will try to retrieve it and send it to you another time.

What you need to do

  • Simply get in touch with us (use the form below)!
  • Our team will get back to you within 2 working days, but usually on the same day.
  • We will re-send the completed deregistration form to the email address you provided when you submitted the form. You can then print the form and take it to the deregistration office (or send it there!).

You have not received a deregistration confirmation after you sent the deregistration form to the German registration office? Or if you simply want to check if you are deregistered successfully? Unfortunately, we do not have access to the stage of processing of your deregistration; only the municipal / registration office does.

3 Things you can do

  1. Sometimes delivering letters and having the processed by the registration / municipal office can take 1-2 weeks. Perhaps you want to wait a little longer.
  2. Sometimes letters get lost. So you can try and send your deregistration letter again. To indicate to the registration office that this is the second attempt to deregister, please write by hand at the top of the cover letter “2. Zustellungsversuch”.
  3. If your matter is urgent and / or none of the other methods work: Get directly in touch / call the registration office to which you sent the deregistration:
  • If you cannot find a way to contact the local office, you can also call the central German-wide number registration office (0049) 115 where someone will be able to refer you to the right place and update you on the status of your deregistration right away.This would be the quickest way. You can ask them to tell you on the phone, if you are successfully registered. You can ask them to send the confirmation in written again, too, if you require evidence of your deregistration.I don’t speak German, what to do?
  • Not all German registration officials speak English. If they do not, here is an example of what you could say to them:
    • In German: “Ich habe Ihnen ein Abmeldeformular geschickt, aber ich habe keine Bestätigung bekommen. Können Sie mir sagen, ob ich in Deutschland abgemeldet bin? Können Sie mir die Bestätigung bitte schriftlich zusenden an xxx?”
    • In English: “I have sent you the deregistration form but I have not received a confirmation. Can you tell me, if I am deregistered in Germany? Can you please send me the deregistration confirmation in written to xxx?”.

Our guarantee to our customers: You only pay once you are actually deregistered*. You can find out if you are successfully deregistered by a) calling the registration office where you deregistered, or b) receiving a confirmation letter (this is not always the case; especially if you live outside of Germany).

*If you have not successfully deregistered or received the required confirmation from the German registration office within 45 days of sending them your filled-out deregistration form, you can claim your money back (proof needed). Please get in touch with us by providing your name, email address, customer/invoice number, a short explanation of the situation and attachment of the proof/documents.

If you had problems and want to claim your money back, please use the form below.