Since 2014 we have been helping people to deregister their residence from Germany. In addition to our service to deregister, we provide helpful articles here.

Leaving Germany – Ultimate Deregistration Guide

If you are leaving Germany and moving to another country, then you must deregister. The deregistration (Abmeldung) of your residence can also be done after you have left. Ideally, though, you prepare everything a few weeks before your departure.

Processing times of the citizen’s offices in Germany for deregistration of residence

We receive many enquiries about how long it takes the local citizens’ offices to process deregistration applications by post. There is no uniform answer here. The length of time it takes to process them depends on many factors.

How to cancel Rundfunkbeitrag / GEZ / Radio Tax in Germany

This is an issue that is all too often forgotten by foreigners moving back to their country. It won’t be enough to notify the Bürgeramt you are leaving the country. An additional notification to the Beitragsservice will be necessary so they remove you from their databases.

How do I get a copy of my deregistration confirmation from Germany

We have already helped many customers to get a copy of the deregistration confirmation and have received it (using our German address), as many citizen’s offices do not send letters abroad. We then provided our customers with a scan and sent the original abroad.