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Digitize your mail

Mail to scan service Germany

In recent years, digitization has reached more and more areas of our daily lives, including the management of postal documents. Digitization of postal processes offers many advantages for companies, organizations, and especially for individuals who want to optimize and modernize their daily life or are… Read More »Mail to scan service Germany

pension from germany

Leaving Germany in retirement

Do you dream of retiring to sunny climates and enjoying a relaxed lifestyle? Have you always considered Panama, Thailand, or Portugal attractive destinations? – Then you are lucky because you can have your German pension transferred abroad. Relocating as a pensioner can be a great… Read More »Leaving Germany in retirement

an old radio on a wooden table

What is the Rundfunkbeitrag?

Broadcasting fee in Germany – ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice The so-called Rundfunkgebühr means “broadcasting fee.” The broadcasting contribution fee finances public broadcasting companies in Germany, and according to the Interstate Broadcasting corporation Agreement, they work on a public contract. The ARD ZDF Germany radio contribution… Read More »What is the Rundfunkbeitrag?

Child Benefit Cancellation: Four children standing hand in hand with rubber boots in the mud

What is Kindergeld?

Child benefit payment in Germany Kindergeld is a payment that parents can claim from the German state. This child benefit payment ensures the essential provision for your children from birth until their 18th birthday. It primarily benefits families with small and medium incomes. During a… Read More »What is Kindergeld?