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German citizen’s offices processing times

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The processing times for residence deregistration depend on many factors

We receive many inquiries about how long it takes the local citizen’s offices to process deregistration applications by Mail, and there is no universal answer here.

The length of time it takes to process deregistration queries depends on many factors. These include:

  • Sick leave of staff
  • Holidays / Vacation time
  • Coronavirus / Lockdown in Germany

Based on our years of experience, we can say that the average processing time after receiving the letter is 2-4 weeks. This waiting period is shortened or extended for the reasons above. We have already received answers within a few days. 

On the other hand, we have also waited more than ten weeks due to the problems that Corona has caused. Especially since the beginning of 2022, we have faced very long waits. 

The processing time for deregistration of residence depends on many factors. At SympatMe we try to make the process as fast as possible.

We usually inquire after some time has passed. However, it isn’t possible to call the offices in some cases, as they do not answer the phone. Some citizens’ offices also don’t offer walk-in appointments anymore. 

The only option is to book an appointment online in advance in some cases. It can take between two and ten weeks to be seen.

Since April, we have been experiencing better processing times, but it isn’t better everywhere. Sending the deregistration application via Mail is a good choice if you can’t go in person or don’t want to. It just takes time.

Effects of the coronavirus on German citizen’s offices

Despite the restrictions, many citizens’ offices’ process applications quickly. Unfortunately, there are also cities where we must wait very long to respond. Many citizens’ offices are even closed. We keep hearing about the backlog of work due to quarantines, illness, vacations, and lack of staff.

Unfortunately, we can not influence the processing times. Due to the situation, there isn’t much that can be done. 

Requests are only processed by mail/email/telephone. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have helped many of our clients and are happy to share our findings. We update this list regularly. If you have had other experiences, you can let us know.

Processing times by city

Some cities are currently experiencing significantly longer processing times. It affects large cities in particular.

AachenMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
AalenMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
BerlinSLOWup to 8 weeks
BonnMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
BraunschweigMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
BremenMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
CelleMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
CologneMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
DarmstadtMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
DortmundMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
DresdenMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
DusseldorfSLOWup to 10 weeks
EssenMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
FlensburgMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
Frankfurt a.M.MEDIUMup to 4 weeks
FreilassingMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
GöttingenMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
HamburgSLOWup to 8 weeks
HannoverMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
HeidelbergMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
HerzogenaurachMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
KarlsruheMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
KasselMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
KielMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
KonstanzMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
KrefeldMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
LeipzigMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
LudwigshafenMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
LübeckMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
MagdeburgMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
MainzMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
MannheimMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
MemmingenMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
MunichSLOWup to 10 weeks
MönchengladbachMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
NeussMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
Neustadt an der DonauMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
NurembergSLOWup to 10 weeks
OffenbachMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
OldenburgMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
OsnabrückMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
PotsdamMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
RegensburgMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
RosenheimMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
SaarbrückenMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
StuttgartMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
TrierMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
UlmMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
WeimarMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
WiesbadenMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
WilhelmshavenMEDIUMup to 4 weeks
Updated 09.01.2023
Residence deregistration processing times of Bürgerämter in Munich and in other cities in Germany

My citizen’s office is not listed

We have compiled the following experience: the smaller the city, the faster the processing time. The postal system can only cause delays. On average, you should receive your confirmation within 1-8 weeks.

How long does it take before I receive an answer?

Please consider that there are also mailing times in addition to the processing times. We usually send all Mail within 48 hours. Yet we can not influence the German postal system. 

Please remember that we do our best to provide credible and up-to-date information, but we are not an official advisor (in terms of the Legal Services Act, RDG) on taxes or legal matters. 

Our service does not replace an individual consultancy with a legal service. We provide you with digital tools and automated workflows to empower you on your deregistration of residence journey.

Please keep in mind that we do our best to provide credible and up-to-date information, but we are not an official advisor (in the sense of the Legal Services Act, RDG) for taxes, legal matters, and the like. Our service does not replace an individual consultation with legal assistance, and we provide digital tools and automated workflows to assist with the residence deregistration and related necessary steps.


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Oliver is the co-founder of SympatMe, which started in 2014. His goal is to revolutionalize the administration of expat bureaucracy in Germany.