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Pension Refund Service


Eligibility Check
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  2. Check your eligibility now!
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Check your eligibility now!

Check eligibility now – Step 1/3

Get your German Pension Refunded


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German Pension

+ 10 % (incl. VAT) of the refunded amount

How the process works:

  • Click on the button “start now”
  • You can only book after you have passed the eligibility test
  • When booking you can choose which of our partners you would like to work with
  • Our partners will guide you through the process step by step, with a lawyer and a notary at your side
  • We will explain to you in detail which documents are necessary to get the pension refunded
  • We will provide you with the correct forms to fill out (English forms)
  • After we have collected and checked your documents, we will send them to the german pension insurance company
  • After that, we have to wait for the refund to arrive
  • The payment of the commission will take place when you have received your refund