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Become an affiliate partner

Do you regularly work with or for people leaving Germany? Then let’s work together!

  • Transparent & professional cooperation
  • Individual service packages for your customers
  • Attractive lifetime commissions

We work with you individually. Our tailored approach allows us to respond to the
specific needs of our

What sets us apart: Our services are fully digitized. This makes it possible to
collaborate with customers
all over the world.

After more than 8 years of experience, we are experts in our field. We offer cooperation
on a professional and yet
human level.

Become an affiliate partner: Your advantages

Our unique selling point: We offer German bureaucracy simply, understandably and digitally. In German and English.

1. Offer your visitors a reliable & digital solution for deregistration from Germany

Profit from our previous work.
We have digitalized all processes around the topic of emigration from Germany. With our online forms, various applications & terminations can be carried out completely digitally. SympatMe takes care of the communication with customers, public bodies, authorities and with any contractual partners.

The goal: To make emigration from Germany as easy as possible for our customers.

Even after our customers have emigrated, they often come to us with important issues for which they would normally have to return to Germany. For example, if the deregistration confirmation has been lost and customers want to renew their German passport.

2. Commission & payout

You will receive 10% commission for each service sold.

*The commission is 10% of the net amount. This means the VAT is first deducted from the sales and then the 10% commission is calculated from the net amount.

Payment: The commission entitlements are collected over the month & always calculated and paid by the 5th of the following month.

3. Lifetime comission

Lifetime commissions means that you will continue to earn on every future booking.
We offer a permanent compensation model for our partners!

4. Variety of services

We offer a total of 10 different services around the topic of emigration. As an affiliate partner you can choose which of them you would like to offer yourself.

5. Many years of experience

We have already gained over 8 years of experience in this field and are always up to date with our information. We do not stand still, but are always developing ourselves, our services and our site.

We also have a large fund of knowledge, which is also reflected in our growing blog.

6. Personal support

Personal contact is important to us. We know where to automate and where not. We respond individually to questions, wishes and needs of partners and customers and are always easily accessible.


Commissions: Deregistration Services

There are so many hurdles associated with leaving Germany. We support our customers in all bureaucratic matters, especially if they already live abroad or simply do not have the time.

Our productsComission Comission in Euro
Documents package: deregister residence
€ 19-, / € 3,61,- VAT/ € 15,39,- Net
10%1,54 €
Deregistration service: Deregister residence
€ 69,- / € 13,11,- VAT/ € 55,89,- Net
10%5,59 €
Premium deregistration: Deregister residence
€ 99,- / € 18,81,- VAT/ € 80,19,- Net
10%8,02 €
Cancel broadcasting fee
€ 29,- / € 5,51,- VAT/ € 23,49,- Net
10%2,35 €
Apply for deregistration confirmation (copy)
€ 49,- / € 9,31,- VAT/ € 39,69,- Net
10%3,97 €
Cancel child benefit
€ 99,- / € 18,81,- VAT / € 80,19,- Net
10%8,02 €

Cancel parental benefit
€ 99,- / € 18,81,- VAT/ € 80,19,- Net
10%8,02 €
Cancel contracts
€ 29,- / € 5,51,- VAT/ € 23,49,- Net
Set up mail forwarding
6 Monate: € 80,- / €15,20,- VAT/ € 64,80,- Net
12 Monate: € 99,- /€ 18,81,- VAT/€ 80,19 Net
10%6,48 €
8,02 €
Have pension refunded
€ 49,- / € 9,31,- VAT/ € 39,69,- Net
50%19,85 €
Deregister car
€ 149,- / € 28,31,- VAT/ € 120,69,- Net
Business registration
€ 99,- / € 18,81,- VAT/ € 80,19,- Net
10%8,02 €
Cancel health insurance
€ 9,- / € 1,71,- VAT/ € 7,29,- Net
10%0,73 €
Telephone / Internet / Mobile Phone Contract Cancellation
€ 9,- / € 1,71,- VAT/ € 7,29,- Net
10%0,73 €
Send original documents abroadNo compensation
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Your contact person

Oliver Frankfurth

Oliver is co-founder of SympatMe, a company founded in 2014. His goal is to revolutionize the management of expat bureaucracy in Germany.

Managing Director & Co-Founder

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Please keep in mind that we do our best to provide credible and up-to-date information, but we are not an official advisor (in the sense of the Legal Services Act, RDG) for taxes, legal matters, and the like. Our service does not replace an individual consultation with legal assistance, and we provide digital tools and automated workflows to assist with the residence deregistration and related necessary steps.