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Fill out Deregistration Form (Abmeldung) Germany for Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg,  Stuttgart or other cities

Fill out the German deregistration form (Abmeldefomular) on our website. We have translated the German deregistration form for you. All you need to do is fill out the fields in the form below and pay 9,90 Euro by Paypal or credit card. We will automatically transfer your data onto the German deregistration form.

After payment, we will send you an email with a cover letter and the filled-out deregistration form.

Simply print these documents and send them to the German registration office by post – deregistration done!

Fill out Deregistration Form now

What is ‘Abmeldung’?

Abmeldung means deregistration. Everyone who leaves Germany and moves to another country must deregister (abmelden). To deregister and receive a deregistration confirmation, just do the following:
1. Fill out the deregistration form (Abmeldeformular) and sign it!
2. Make a copy of your passport.
3. Send the deregistration form and the copy of your passport to your registration office in Germany.

How to deregister in Germany without speaking German?

Just fill out the German deregistration form online. Just scroll below to fill out the deregistration form. It only takes 1-2 minutes. We will then automatically transfer your data onto the German official deregistration form called ‘Abmeldeformular’. After you have filled out the deregistration form online, we will immediately send you with an email with the filled-out deregistration form as a PDF. Make a copy of your passport. Put everything into an envelope and send it to your German registration office (Bürgeramt / Meldebehörde).

Do I need a landlord confirmation”Auszugsbestätigung” to deregister?

No. Since the change of the registration law (Meldegesetz) in November 2016, you no longer need a landlord confirmation form to deregister – in German this form is called Wohnungsgeberbestätigung or Auszugsbestätigung or Vermieterbescheinigung. 

When do I have to deregister?

Ideally, you send off the deregistration documents a few weeks before you leave Germany. This leaves enough time for you to receive the German deregistration confirmation.

If you have forgotten to deregister and you have left Germany already, then don’t worry. You can also deregister after you have left Germany. Just indicate the correct date of moving out of Germany on the deregistration form – the move-out date can be in the past!

Who must deregister (abmelden) in Germany?

  • If your centre of life is not in Germany anymore, you are legally obliged to deregister in Germany
  • the moment that you register in another country, you must deregister in Germany.
  • if you want to work abroad, you must deregister in Germany.
  • you do not need to deregister if you leave Germany for a holiday, business trips, or a limited amount of time.

What is a ‘Abmeldebestätigung’?

An Abmeldebestätigung is a deregistration confirmation. This document proves that you have deregistered in Germany. You may need this document to cancel your health insurance contract, or any other contracts that may keep running after your date of leaving Germany. A simple copy of the deregistration confirmation is enough to cancel a mobile phone contract, rental contract, gym contract etc. Be sure to cancel the contracts as early as possible – many contracts in Germany must be cancelled 3 months in advance!

Important: German registration offices do not issue deregistration confirmations unless it is explicitly requested. If you fill out our deregistration form below, we will send you a cover letter that explicitly asks for a deregistration confirmation.

Where do I send the deregistration form?

You send the deregistration form to your local registration office (Bürgeramt / Einwohneramt). To find out the address of your local registration office, simply google ‘your city (+ district) + Bürgeramt’ or ‘your city (+ district) + Einwohnermeldeamt’.

Another way is to check your registration confirmation (Meldebescheinigung), if you still have it. The address of your registration office should be on it.

Note: In Berlin you can send the form to any registration office, it does not matter which one.

Why do I have to deregister (abmelden)?

If you do not deregister before leaving Germany, you may still be liable to pay tax and may have trouble cancelling contracts. You’re legally obliged to deregister once you leave Germany to move to another country. If you move within Germany, you do not need to deregister – simply register your new address in a registration office (see

If you are deregistered in Germany, you are no longer liable to pay VAT on German grounds. You can claim back the VAT at the airport.

You are not allowed to keep a second residence in Germany, if your primary residence is in another country! This means that the moment when you spend more time in another country, you can no longer be registered in Germany. Moreover, if you do not live in Germany but have a company in Germany, you must still pay tax in Germany.

How to get a German deregistration confirmation (Abmeldebescheinigung)?

Do you need a proof that you have deregistered in Germany? This confirmation is sometimes needed if you want to register in another (European) country. You must provide written confirmation that you have properly deregistered in Germany. This is important for all sorts of reasons. If you are not deregistered in Germany, you are still liable to pay tax in Germany. You also have voting rights in Germany. So if you are registered in TWO countries at the same time, this is a problem. So in order to avoid this problem, you must make sure that you deregister your residence in Germany before you move to another country.

If you fill out the official deregistration forms you do not automatically receive a deregistration confirmation in Germany! To get proof of your German deregistration, you must expliclitly ask for a confirmation to be sent to you. If you fill out our deregistration form below, we send you a pre-written cover letter that states that you want a deregistration confirmation sent to your new address (the one you live at now). Sometimes German officials do not send the confirmation to an international address, some do – there is no rule to this. If the official does not send the confirmation to the new address, the confirmation will be sent to your old German address.

I have not received my deregistration confirmation – what now?

You have asked for a deregistration confirmation to be sent to you BUT you have not received the deregistration confirmation within 2-3 weeks? Then you must get in touch with the registration office to which you have sent the letter. There may be a problem with your deregistration. In this case you must call the registration office. There is no way around it. Most of them will speak English. To find out the telephone number, just google “Bürgeramt + Telefon + city name” or  “Meldeamt + Telefon + city name”. The central hotline for the Bürgeramt in Berlin is 030 112.

How do I know that I have successfully deregistered?

If you have not received a confirmation but would like to find out if your deregistration was successful, just call the registration office to which you have sent your deregistration form. They will be able to tell you on the phone whether you’re classified as ‘deregistered’ (abgemeldet).

3 Easy Steps to deregister in Germany

1. Fill out the deregistration form on this page. Pay 9,90 Euro by credit card or PayPal.
2. Immediately receive an email with a cover letter and the filled-out deregistration form.
3. Send the deregistration form and a copy of your passport to your local registration office. Done.

Fill out Deregistration Form now