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Mail Forwarding from Germany

Receive mail at your new address

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Facts About Mail Forwarding

If you want to forward your mail you should not miss our detailed blog post on this topic: Mail Forwarding from Germany

What is mail forwarding?

Mail forwarding is a service that allows you to have your personal or business mail redirected to your new address when you move. It is a convenient service that helps you settle into your new home.
There is always lots to do and think about when you’re moving house. You can forward your mail to any other address in the world. For instance, it doesn’t matter if you move within Germany or go to another country, such as the United States.

What does a forwarding service offer me?

There are many things to consider when moving. Sometimes it’s hard to think of every person, insurance, or club you’ll need to give your new address. And it’s time-consuming. Did you remember to call that aunt who sends you a Christmas card every year? Or the car club that sends you a free magazine every summer?
Once you move out of your old home and maybe even leave Germany, you won’t be able to receive mail anymore, and any letters will be returned to the sender. To prevent this, you can book our mail forwarding service.Having a reliable mail forwarding service is vital to have mail forwarded to your new address.
Bank statements, utility bills, and maybe your aunt’s Christmas card – make sure not to miss anything.

Please bear in mind that parcels and packages will not automatically be redirected. You can book this as an additional service if you need it.

What types of mail are not forwarded?

Items will not be forwarded if the name or address differs from the data provided in the forwarding order or if they are addressed to individuals not listed in the order.

GERMANY: Domestic forwarding does not apply to UNENVELOPED DIALOGPOST and express shipments. PRESS MAIL (e.g., customer magazines) and DISTRIBUTION POST (e.g., daily newspapers), hereinafter referred to as “PRESS MAIL,” are generally excluded from forwarding.

INTERNATIONAL: Shipping is excluded for DIALOGPOST / DIALOGPOST HEAVY, GOODS MAIL, GOODS MAIL, BOOK MAIL, ADVERTISING MAIL, PRESS MAIL, letters with additional services such as REGISTERED, COD and INSURED as well as DHL parcels, DHL small packages, heavy blind shipments and express shipments.

Exceptionally, PRESS MAIL will be forwarded domestically and internationally if sent as a newspaper with a wrapper.

Documents from post delivery orders will only be forwarded outside the municipality based on the corresponding advance instruction from the sender, only domestically, and only in the case of absence due to relocation, care, or insolvency with the appropriate arrangement. No forwarding will be conducted if the sender has provided an advance instruction such as “Do not forward” or “Return in case of relocation with new address!”

How soon does the mail forwarding take effect?

Mail redirection needs a few days to take effect. So please plan to order the forwarding service in advance. The activation process typically takes 5 working days.


Book your mail forwarding service online

Mail forwarding service

6 months: starting at 11,65 ,- / month*

12 months: starting at 6,66,- / month* 

*One time payment / More info in FAQs

It is best to book the mail forwarding service before you move, and you can easily do it online. With SympatMe, you can place your order in English.

How the process works:

  • Press “Start now,” & we will create a support ticket with further details
  • You can choose whether you also want parcels and packages to be forwarded
  • Select the service duration of six or 12 months
  • Upon payment, we create your mail forwarding order
  • You will receive your booking confirmation within 48 hours

We work with you individually, and our tailored approach allows you to choose the right service
for you!

Our service is fully online, which means that you will not or barely need to deal with any paperwork, yes, even in Germany!

We are experts in our field, and you can trust that we will work on your case with commitment
and accuracy!

Facts about our Service

FAQ Mail Forwarding

How does the Mail Forwarding Service work?

With SympatMe, you can choose your mail forwarding service online, and our booking process is in English. If you have questions or any issues arise, you can rely on us to assist you and translate whatever you need to know regarding your mail forwarding order.

Which documents do i have to provide?

For the mail forwarding order we need the following documents and information from you:

  • A power of attorney (will be created in the order process)
  • Your previous address in Germany
  • Your new address
How much does mail forwarding cost? *

Make sure not to miss a thing when you move, within Germany or abroad. You can book our mail redirection service. With SympatMe, your mail will be forwarded to your new address for 6-12 months. Whether you’re still receiving wage slips, waiting for a cancellation confirmation, or other correspondence: Choose a mail forwarding order!

  • Mail forwarding 6 months: starting at 11,65 € per month = 69,90 €/ year
  • Mail forwarding 12 months: starting at 6,66 € per month = 79,90 €/ year

*We book the forwarding order for 6 or 12 months in your name and pay all fees. Prices are incl tax. The payment for the 6 or 12-month order is paid once. This price includes only the mail forwarding. We are an independent service provider and work with companies such as Deutsche Post, DHL, and many more.

What do I have to pay attention to when using the redirection service?
  • Please note that the transit time of your mail will be extended due to redelivery.
  • In case of temporary absence: Please consider that letters we receive one day before the redelivery date will still be forwarded.
  • Problems with forwarding abroad: Please contact the local postal service provider so that incorrect processing/long delivery times can also be ruled out.
  • Your active help is essential for the smooth forwarding of your mail: Remove the nameplates from the mailbox and doorbell when you move out (applicable when you move), label the mailbox at your new address/location clearly and thoroughly and place it in a position that is easily accessible for delivery staff, ensure that a visible house number is displayed at your new address, inform your contacts (e.g., publishers, banks) about your new address.
What are the payment options?

You can choose from the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • (Instant) Bank Transfer
  • Apple pay
  • PayPal
  • Bancontact
  • EPS
  • Giropay
  • iDEAL
  • Przelewy24
  • KBC/ CBC Payment Button
  • Belfius Direct Net

Once you click “buy,” we direct you to our payment provider’s page. There you can complete your payment. We do not store your payment details at any time!

After successful payment, we redirect you back to our site.