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Our Story


Our mission: To make German bureaucracy as simple as possible! You don’t speak German or you are already abroad? No problem. Deregister online with our help & save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Your Team

The Beginning Of is part of SympatMe – a company founded in 2014 that helps people deal with bureaucratic matters in Germany. We also support people in settling and living in Germany.

“The idea is to give foreigners in Germany, as well as German citizens, the tools they need to handle German bureaucracy and successfully settle in their language or emigrate.”

The idea for this project came in 2014. Many of our international friends were moving to Germany at the time. It all started while my sister and I were at University.

One day, Chris from America asked me if I could help him fill in some official forms. Of course, I agreed and started reading… (his Mom wanted him to take up private liability insurance while he was studying in Germany).

I felt a bit embarrassed because it was hard to understand. In German bureaucracy, there is an entirely different language somehow. Anyway, I figured it out, and we got it done. Only one of the first situations brought a huge issue to my attention. Friends kept asking the same questions and having the same problems.

They all struggled, mainly because official forms and documents were only available in German, and there were no English translations. We understand and support the notion that people who move to Germany should try to learn German. But how on earth should anyone who wasn’t a mother tongue take care of their business if we, as German speakers, had trouble understanding the documents?

We need to read carefully to understand some bureaucratic documents. So how can anyone expect non-native speakers to understand them? In our opinion, one can’t. For this reason, I have created this project with my sister Yvonne. The idea was to give expats and immigrants in Germany the tools with which they could deal with German bureaucracy in their language. 

We translated the most important official documents and application forms into various languages. Initially, it was only a small side project. We didn’t do it for the money, and we just wanted to help. Since then, this project has been growing, and now there is even a team employed, helping to help people. We’ve branded our services, and we’re still growing.

Latest developments

We have worked with amazing and lovely people. Previously we worked with freelancers. But since 2022, our team has come together. Marius Stemmer, Louisa Anger, Anne Taylor-McLaughlin, Julia Paul, and Marius Erschl have joined SympatMe. Together we help our clients, work on Marketing, update blogs, research new services to provide, and so much more! 

All team members are highly specialized in their field, and everyone exceeds my expectations. We are a small company, but I think together we do great! We are reliable, agile and each of us loves to work on this project! That is what makes us!

What drives us: WE LOVE TO HELP YOU!

Company Values


No matter where you come from or where you go, everyone gets their individual service. Whether alone, with family or with pets.


We are even making the German bureaucracy online. No matter where you are, you can log off online with us. Everything in English.


We have 8 years of experience! Save yourself the research work and rely on us. We are your partner and we do everything together step by step.


Our top priority: We want to take work off your hands & make German bureaucracy as easy as possible. That’s why German customers love our service!


Our Key Numbers

Why people love our service? Over the years, we have been able to help many people that were leaving Germany. Our customers trust our service because we lift a lot of work and stress off their shoulders. These are your benefits: You don’t have to go to the Bürgeramt in person and you don’t have to communicate with any office. We take care of that! You don’t even have to have a German address for our service, you can use ours. You don’t have to invest time in researching information. And you don’t have to speak German. We have translated all important forms and information for you. See for yourself!

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31,000 +









Our Team

Deregistration Services

If you are planning to leave Germany and start a new life, there are some things you need to keep in mind to avoid problems. If you want to emigrate properly, you need to invest time in good planning. Maybe you are moving abroad for a job, or you want to move with unemployment benefits? Whatever the reason, expat services like SympatMe can help you with the process. Take a look at our deregistration services.

Money back guarantee

*Customers satisfaction guarantee: We refund your payment if we can’t deregister you*.

You can find out if you are successfully deregistered by:

  • Receiving a deregistration confirmation letter, or
  • Call the registration office where you deregistered.

* If you are not successfully deregistered or didn’t receive the required confirmation from the German citizen’s office, you can find out by:

  • Using our managed service package: within 90 days after uploading the necessary documents in our secure support ticket system
  • Using our self-service package: within 90 days of sending in your filled-out deregistration form (with registered mail/tracking code)

You can claim your money back: Don’t hesitate to contact us by providing your name, email address, customer/invoice number, a short explanation of the situation, and an attachment of proof/documents. If you have problems and want to claim your money back, you may contact us in your support ticket.