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Registration certificate

Get your Registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung)

We apply for a certificate of registration for you!

  • You can complete the forms in English!
  • Fully online booking
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Facts about the German Certificate of Registration

If you need a deregistration certificate, don’t miss our detailed blog post on this topic: German deregistration confirmation

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  • Application for German pension refund
  • Renewal of a German passport
  • Application for a German identity card

Book your deregistration certificate online

Full service

Now € 149.90 / one-time

Authority fees included**

Lean back and let us do the work!

Our Services:

  • Fill out our online form and sign with a digital signature*
  • Expert review of your documents for completeness and accuracy
  • We handle printing and sending of all documents to the Citizens’ Office (no need for a printer)
  • We take care of all fees and payments to the office**
  • We communicate with the authorities on your behalf
  • We provide you with a German address to obtain your registration certificate
  • You receive a digital copy of your registration certificate
  • We send the original deregistration certificate to your new place of residence, at no extra charge (postage included)
  • English customer support is available via email

*Note: Digital signatures are currently not accepted at the citizens’ registration office in Berlin Mitte.

**Note: Our fee covers all official fees payable to the government office, up to a maximum of 25 euros.

Instructions + Mailboxservice

Now € 49,80 / one-time

Receive your registration certificate digitally

Save some money!

Services included:

  • Complete the form online
  • Expert check of documents for completeness and plausibility
  • Guidance on how to proceed and provide the correct official address
  • Details of fee and bank transfer*
  • We regularly remind you to follow up with the office.
  • We provide a German address to receive the registration certificate for you.
  • You will receive a digital version of your registration certificate.
  • English customer support via email.

*We currently only have this information from some offices. We will support you as far as possible.

Instructions Package

Now € 19.90 / one-time

You’re in controle!

You got this! Bureaucracy the way you need it.

Services included:

  • Fill out the forms online
  • Everything is translated into English
  • Expert check of documents for completeness and plausibility
  • Instructions on how to proceed and the correct address for the office
  • English customer support via Email

We work with you individually, and our tailored approach allows you to choose the right service
for you!

Our service is fully online, which means that you will not or barely need to deal with any paperwork, yes, even in Germany!

We are experts in our field, and you can trust that we will work on your case with commitment
and accuracy!

Facts about our Service

FAQ Certificate of registration

General Information

According to Section 18 (1) and (2) of the Federal Registration Act (Bundesmeldegesetz, BMG), a written certificate of registration (Meldebescheinigung) is issued upon request. A distinction is made between a simple and an extended certificate of registration.

Both registration certificates can be applied for orally, in writing, and sometimes electronically.

For example, registration certificates are required for marriages or applying for loans.

Whether it is a simple or extended registration certificate depends on the data required. In any case, the data must be up-to-date and correct to avoid unnecessary complications.

Where can I get a certificate of registration (Meldebescheinigung)?

You can apply for a registration certificate at the citizens’ registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt) of the town in which you live. Some cities already allow you to apply for a certificate of registration online. Many of them require that you still live in the community when you book it.

What do I need a registration certificate for?

A registration certificate can be essential in many situations. Whether applying for child benefits or parental benefits, at the job center or for a loan – it is often necessary to present such a certificate.

Especially if the person in question does not have an address in their identity documents. This can be the case for foreign citizens. A current registration certificate is requested to ensure that someone is a permanent resident in Germany.

In the following situations, you also need a registration certificate:

  • Application for German pension refund
  • Renewal of a German passport
  • Application for a German identity card
How long is a registration certificate valid?

The registration certificate is valid for three to six months from the issue date. If the information on the document is no longer up to date or there are changes in personal data, a new certificate of registration must be requested.

How do I apply for the registration certificate?

You usually need a valid identity card or passport to apply for a registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung). If you can’t collect the Certificate in person, you can also give a power of attorney to a third person. The third person will also need a valid identity card. You can go to the citizen’s office in person or book it online. If your citizen’s office doesn’t offer their service online you can book our service.

I need a new deregistration certificate!

A deregistration certificate is only issued once. A duplicate will not be published. You can apply for a registration certificate if you need to prove that you no longer live in Germany. This document shows when you registered your residence in Germany and when you deregistered. – If you lost your deregistration certificate you need a Meldebescheinigung (registration certificate).

When you book our service, we order the registration certificate of your local citizens’ registration office. The registration certificate shows the deregistration of your German address.

If you booked your deregistration with, we can send you a copy by email within a few days. (only if your deregistration was less than 6 or 24 months ago).

What does a certificate of registration cost?

When you apply for a registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung), you always have to pay a fee to the authorities. These fees usually vary between 5 euros and 25 euros throughout Germany. Each municipality has its own fee regulations. A distinction is often made between a simple and an extended registration certificate.

If you book your registration certificate through our Full Service, we will automatically pay the fees of up to 25 euros.

In rare cases, the fee may exceed our flat rate – we will inform you of this in that case.

I don’t speak German

The only language available in German state facilities is German. Any bureaucracy can only be done in the German language. If you don’t speak German, use our service to get things done. We have translated many German documents into English to make matters more broadly available to international citizens.

Why book our service?

Many of our clients are already abroad when they hire us. Often, they want to renew their passports abroad but lost their deregistration certificates.
They then need a registration certificate showing they are no longer registered in Germany. Some registration offices refuse to send the Certificate abroad (luckily, only a few).

Some only send the document to the last registration address (where the person no longer lives).
Some clients need help paying the service fee. It is usually only a small amount, and some banks refuse to transfer small amounts abroad. And some clients have trouble proving their payments because the authorities can’t decipher the foreign writing (Japanese). -Without payment, no certificate of registration.

And many clients need help with the German language. Due to globalization, many residents in Germany speak little or no German. And since the “official language” is ONLY German, these people need support with the bureaucracy.

Some clients need help to receive mail at their new place of residence. Sometimes foreign postal services are unreliable, and sometimes there needs to be mail delivery, e.g., in the Peruvian mountains, the Brazilian rainforest, or the Australian outback.
And some customers just want clear instructions and the opportunity to ask us questions.

We are here for you!

We are happy to help you with your application for a certificate of registration. No matter your chosen service, we’ll answer your questions. Our experienced team has been through a lot and can give you good advice. 

Our Instructions Package puts you in control. We give you clear instructions and are on hand to answer any questions.

If you want us to receive your registration certificate and send it to you by email, then book our Instructions + Mailboxservice

And if you want us to do the work for you, then book our Full Service. We make the application for you, pay the fees, receive your registration certificate, and send the original to your address on request, also internationally, with postal tracking!

What are the payment options?

You can choose from the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • (Instant) Bank Transfer
  • Apple pay
  • PayPal
  • Bancontact
  • EPS
  • Giropay
  • iDEAL
  • Przelewy24
  • KBC/ CBC Payment Button
  • Belfius Direct Net

Once you click “buy,” we direct you to our payment provider’s page. There you can complete your payment.

We do not store your payment details at any time!

After successful payment, we redirect you back to our site.