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Cancel your contracts Online

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Are you planning to leave Germany?

Let simplify the process of canceling your contracts for a smooth transition.

We handle it all: rental agreements, utilities, internet and cell phone plans, insurances, and more. With, you can cancel all your contracts online, saving time and avoiding language barriers and bureaucracy.

Benefits of choosing

  1. Convenience: Cancel contracts from the comfort of your home through our user-friendly online platform.
  2. Efficient Communication: We handle all communication with service providers on your behalf, eliminating the need for endless phone calls.
  3. Reliable Documentation: Receive digital confirmations or original termination documents, ensuring proof of contract cancellation.
  4. Expert Assistance: Our experienced team guides you through extraordinary terminations, handling complex situations with ease.
  5. Time and Cost Savings: Save time and money by avoiding unnecessary payments for contracts you no longer need.

Make your move abroad hassle-free. Choose for convenient contract cancellations. Book our service today and enjoy a seamless transition.

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Cancel all your contracts online

Contract Cancellation Premium

Now € 49,90 / one-time

+ € 24,90 (optional)
Shipping original documents to your new address (after deregistration, excl. postage)

We create your individual cancellation, with your digital signature, send it to the designated provider with proof. We receive your cancellation confirmation and send you a scan in your support ticket.

How the process works:

  • Click on the button “start now”
  • Provide us with all required information
  • We create a support ticket with further details
  • We complete the cancelation process on your behalf
  • We send the cancellation with tracking-ID to the providers (by mail)
  • We will receive a confirmation of the cancellation and send you a scan of the original cancellation to your email address

Contract Cancellation Online

Now € 29,90 / one-time

*We have decided to use this method,
because providers often only accept a
cancellation by email if it was sent
by the customers themselves.

We create your individual cancellation with your digital signature. We set up an email with all the necessary documents and forward it to you. You only have to click on send to forward the email to your provider*. The cancellation confirmation will also be forwarded to your email address.

How the process works:

  • Click on the button “start now”
  • Provide us with all required information
  • We create a support ticket with further details
  • We prepare all the cancellation documents and the email to the provider
  • We forward this email to you, so that you only have to click on send
  • You will receive your cancellation confirmation to your email address

Contract Cancellation

Now € 9,90 – / one-time

We assist you in the preparation of the individual cancellation with instructions. You must print, sign and send it to your provider.

How the process works:

  • Click on the button “start now”
  • We create a support ticket with further details
  • We provide you with individual service instructions
  • We put together a termination letter with your data
  • You must sign and send it either by mail or e-mail, depending on the provider

We work with you individually, and our tailored approach allows you to choose the right service
for you!

Our service is fully online, which means that you will not or barely need to deal with any paperwork, yes, even in Germany!

We are experts in our field, and you can trust that we will work on your case with commitment
and accuracy!

Facts about our Service

FAQ Contract Cancellation

Which contracts should I terminated when I leave Germany?

Planning your move to a new country involves canceling various contracts to ensure a smooth transition. Here are some key contracts you should consider canceling:

  • Rental Contract: Notify your landlord in advance and terminate your rental contract according to the agreed-upon notice period. Make sure to settle any outstanding payments and arrange for the return of keys or security deposits.
  • Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water): Contact your utility service providers to cancel your electricity, gas, and water contracts. Settle any final bills and make arrangements for the disconnection of services. This ensures a seamless transition and avoids unnecessary charges.
  • Internet and Cell Phone Contracts: Get in touch with your internet and cell phone providers to discuss canceling or transferring your contracts. Inquire about any termination fees, notice periods, and the return of equipment. Explore options for international services or find out if you can suspend your contracts temporarily.
  • German Insurances: Review your insurance policies, such as health insurance, liability insurance, or car insurance. Inform your insurance providers about your relocation and discuss the cancellation or transfer process. Ensure that you have appropriate coverage in your new country of residence.
  • Employment Contract: If you are leaving your job in Germany, make sure to terminate your employment contract according to the agreed-upon terms. Coordinate with your employer regarding the final paycheck, returning company assets, and any necessary documentation.
  • Broadcasting Fee (GEZ): Contact the GEZ (Gebühreneinzugszentrale) to inform them about your move and cancel your broadcasting fee payment. Provide them with your new address if required by local regulations.
  • Gym Memberships: If you have gym memberships in Germany, check the terms and conditions for cancellation procedures. Notify the gym and follow the necessary steps to terminate your membership. Avoid unnecessary fees by providing appropriate notice.
  • Subscriptions and Memberships: Evaluate any subscriptions or memberships you hold, such as magazine subscriptions, club memberships, or streaming services. Cancel these subscriptions or explore options for transferring or suspending them during your time abroad.
  • Child Benefit, Daycare, School, and Kindergarten: If you receive child benefit or have children enrolled in daycare, school, or kindergarten, notify the relevant authorities about your relocation. Follow the necessary procedures to cancel or transfer these services.

Remember, the specific contracts you need to cancel may vary depending on your circumstances and destination country. It’s advisable to review all your contractual obligations, consult with professionals when needed, and make sure to provide appropriate notice and settle any outstanding payments.

How does ordinary and extraordinary termination work for contract cancellation?

When canceling a contract, you have two options: ordinary termination and extraordinary termination. Here’s what you need to know:

Ordinary Termination: With ordinary termination, you can cancel your contract within the terms specified in the agreement without having to provide a reason. It allows you to end the contract within the agreed-upon period mentioned in the contract.

Extraordinary Termination: Extraordinary termination refers to canceling a contract outside the specified contract period. To terminate a contract extraordinarily, you typically need to provide valid reasons supported by relevant documents. For instance, if you are planning to move abroad, you can submit a deregistration confirmation or a new employment contract to justify your request for special termination rights.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements for extraordinary termination may vary depending on the contract and the applicable laws. Review your contract terms to understand the specific documents or proof needed for extraordinary termination.

What is a “Sonderkündigungsrecht”?

The comprehensive translation of the German word “Sonderkündigungsrecht” is “special termination right” or “extraordinary termination right.” It refers to the legal provision or entitlement that allows a party to terminate a contract outside of the regular termination period due to specific circumstances or valid reasons.

When Extraordinary Termination is Possible in Long-Term Contracts and Insurance Policies:

  • Long-Term Contracts with Price Increases or Changes in Terms and Conditions: If there are sudden price increases or changes in the terms and conditions of a long-term contract, it is often possible to terminate the contract extraordinarily.
  • Contracts with Unilateral Changes: If one party unilaterally changes the contract without the other party’s consent, the affected party may have the right to terminate the contract extraordinarily.
  • Insurance Policies: Some insurance policies, such as health insurance or liability insurance, may allow for extraordinary termination in specific situations, such as premium increases or reductions in benefits.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance Policies: Motor vehicle insurance policies may have special termination rights in case of premium increases, changes in the no-claims class, or when purchasing a new vehicle.
  • Statutory Health Insurance: In statutory health insurance, special termination rights may apply in cases of premium increases, cancellation or reduction of contractually guaranteed benefits, or non-compliance with agreed benefits in case of need.
  • Private Health Insurance: Private health insurance may have special termination rights in certain circumstances, such as a significant decrease in earnings or changes in the insured person’s entitlement to statutory compulsory insurance.
  • Liability Insurance: Liability insurance policies may be subject to special termination rights if the insurer increases premium payments without improving services.
  • Energy Supply Contracts: Energy supply contracts, such as gas and electricity contracts, may have special termination rights in case of price increases or changes in service availability at a new place of residence.
  • Telecommunications Contracts: Telecommunications contracts, including DSL, cable, or telephone contracts, may allow for special termination in case of price increases or unavailability of contracted services at a new residence.
  • Tenancy Agreements: Tenancy agreements may have special termination rights in cases of rent increases or changes in contract terms, as well as in situations involving the death of a tenant or refusal of subtenancy without valid reasons.
  • Building Savings Contracts and Building Societies: Building savings contracts and construction financing agreements may have special termination rights in specific cases, such as the sale of the property before the contract term expires.
  • Fitness Studio Contracts: Fitness studio contracts may have special termination rights in certain situations, such as relocation of the studio or the member, or in case of serious illness preventing the continuation of sporting activities.

Please note that the availability of a special right of termination may vary depending on the specific contract and the applicable laws. Reviewing the contract terms, consulting with legal professionals if needed, and gathering relevant documentation to support the termination are essential.

How we support you in terminating your contracts

Have you left Germany or are you planning to move abroad? We can support you in terminating your contracts. Were you a member of a gym? Did you have a magazine subscription or were your children in a sports club? What about cell phones, internet, and electricity contracts? Did you have limited or unlimited contracts with service providers? With our help, you can keep track of everything and avoid long waits on the phone. Book our service and make your life a bit easier!

Cancel your contracts online 

With SympatMe you can cancel all your contracts online. We will complete the cancellation process on your behalf. You receive a tracking number from the registered mail we send to your provider. Depending on the package you’ve booked, we will provide you with a digital confirmation of termination from your provider or send you the original document to your address.

The benefits of choosing SympatMe

Are you planning to move abroad, or have you already left Germany?

We understand the overwhelming challenges that come with organizing your relocation. Amidst the chaos, canceling contracts can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when language barriers and bureaucratic requirements are involved. That’s where steps in, providing you with a seamless, stress-free solution.
Our service is tailored to address the specific needs of individuals like you who face the complexities of terminating contracts from overseas. Here’s how we simplify the process and bring you peace of mind:

  • Convenient Online Contract Cancellation: With, you can cancel all your contracts online, eliminating the need to set up computers and printers or rely on slow international mail services. Our streamlined platform allows you to conveniently upload the necessary documents and book your contract terminations before leaving Germany.
  • Efficient Communication and Tracking: We help you with all communication with your service providers. Once we receive your cancellation notices and send them to your new address abroad, we provide you with a tracking number for each registered mail item, ensuring transparency and peace of mind as you monitor their progress.
  • Reliable Documentation: Depending on the package you choose, we offer digital confirmations of termination or send you the original documents to your address. You can trust that we handle the paperwork diligently, ensuring you have proof of contract cancellation.
  • Expert Assistance for Extraordinary Cancellations: Extraordinary cancellations can be particularly complex, requiring a valid reason and detailed explanations. Our experienced team understands the intricacies of these situations and will guide you through the process, ensuring your cancellations are correctly handled.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By entrusting us with your contract cancellations, you save valuable time and avoid the hassle of navigating foreign language barriers and bureaucracy. Our customers appreciate the significant financial savings from not having to continue paying for contracts they no longer need until the end of their terms. is committed to making your life easier during this transitional period. Our service alleviates the burden of contract cancellations, providing a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution. Let us help you stay organized, save money, and enjoy a smooth start to your new life abroad.
Book our service today and experience the convenience and peace of mind of having by your side.

What are the payment options?

You can choose from the following payment methods:

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