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Parental Benefit Cancellation

Cancel Parental Benefits

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Say Goodbye to Parental Benefits!

Canceling parental benefits made easy!

With our fully online booking system, you can initiate the cancellation process effortlessly and in English. Leave the paperwork and bureaucracy to us. We’ll handle the cancellation with the relevant authority, providing you with a digital confirmation by email. Don’t let administrative hurdles slow you down.

Book now and experience hassle-free cancellation!

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Cancellation of parental benefits in Germany

parental benefits

Now 49,90 / one-time

+ € 24,90 (optional)
Shipping original documents to your new address (after deregistration, excl. postage)

Have you left Germany, or are you planning to move abroad? Then you may not be entitled to claim parental benefits anymore. We support you with the cancellation of parental benefit payments. 

How the process works:

  • Click on the button “start now”.
  • Complete the booking and upload the required information.
  • We create a support ticket with further details.
  • We will cancel your parental allowance with the relevant authority on your behalf and receive the confirmation at our German company address.
  • We will send you a digital confirmation of cancellation by email and, if you wish, we will send the original document to your new address with tracking (for a fee).

We work with you individually, and our tailored approach allows you to choose the right service
for you!

Our service is fully online, which means that you will not or barely need to deal with any paperwork, yes, even in Germany!

We are experts in our field, and you can trust that we will work on your case with commitment
and accuracy!

Facts about our Service

FAQ Cancellation of parental benefits

What is Elterngeld?

German Elterngeld is a game-changing social benefit program designed to empower parents during the crucial early stages of their child’s life. With a focus on nurturing parent-child bonds and alleviating financial stress, Elterngeld provides substantial financial support to working parents who choose to take time off from their careers.

As the name suggests, Elterngeld, meaning “parental money,” acts as a vital safety net, ensuring that parents can prioritize their child’s upbringing without compromising their financial stability. By receiving a significant portion of their previous income for a specified period, moms and dads gain the freedom to dedicate themselves fully to their newborn’s needs.

Flexibility is at the heart of Elterngeld, catering to both employed and self-employed parents, regardless of family structure. Single parents, same-sex couples, adoptive parents, and legal guardians can all access the program, promoting inclusivity and support for diverse family dynamics.

Elterngeld eligibility is determined by various factors, including pre-childbirth income and leave duration. Typically ranging from 65% to 67% of average net income before childbirth, the benefits are capped to ensure a minimum level of financial security.

To make the most of Elterngeld, understanding the application process and available options is crucial. Streamline your journey by seeking guidance from reliable sources, such as government websites, family support organizations, or experienced professionals, ensuring accurate and timely submissions.

Embracing gender equality, Elterngeld encourages fathers to take parental leave. By including a “partner bonus,” the program extends the overall duration of benefits when both parents actively participate in caring for their child. This initiative fosters shared parenting responsibilities and strengthens the precious bond between parent and child from the earliest stages of development.

Our service is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the German Elterngeld program and its benefits. We empower parents with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and maximize their support. With our expert guidance, you’ll navigate the application process effortlessly, securing your family’s financial well-being.

Unlock the potential of Elterngeld and embark on your journey as confident and supported parents. Experience the peace of mind and financial stability it offers, all while cherishing those precious early moments with your child. Contact us today and discover how Elterngeld can transform your family’s future.

Parental benefit supports parents after the birth of a child when they work less or stop entirely to care for their child. This parental allowance is available for all mothers and fathers. While receiving parental benefits, you can stay at home or work up to 32 hours per week. You do not have to interrupt your studies or training to receive parental benefits, and you can apply for it either alone or together with the other parent.

Parental benefit is available in three variants:

  • Basiselterngeld
  • ElterngeldPlus
  • Partnerschaftsbonus
How to cancel your parental benefit?

It is very straightforward to cancel your parental benefits. In most cases, you can call the family benefits office in charge and tell them that the payments must stop, and you’ll need to provide your case number and proof of identity. You can also request payments to end via mail. Remember to include proof of identity, your most recent parental benefit notice, and your case number.
Some offices might also request your deregistration confirmation. If you would like assistance because you don’t speak German or don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can book SympatMe’s convenient parental benefit cancellation service, and we’ll take care of it for you!

The parental benefit and residence abroad?

As a parent, you are only entitled to parental benefits as long as you live in Germany. If you leave the country to live elsewhere, you are no longer eligible for this subsidy. You are obliged to contact the parental benefit office and cancel the payments.
The only exception to this rule applies to state-employed officials and missionaries temporarily working abroad.

What is the procedure?

We’re glad to be of service if you need help with your parental benefit cancellation. With our help, you can make sure the cancellation is completed orderly. You won’t need to speak German at all, and you can do your part entirely online, from any place worldwide.

The procedure is as simple and fast as possible for you. We provide you with an online form you fill out during the booking process. You can directly upload the required documents in this form; scanned with your phone is sufficient. After the booking and payment are completed, we create a private support ticket with more details about the further process of the cancellation.

You can also upload the documents later in your user area. After making all the documents available, we create an individual cancellation and send everything necessary to the responsible office. We will keep you informed about our procedure, and we will send you a confirmation as soon as the office has received all documents and the termination is completed.

Which documents are required?

You will need to provide us with a scan of your most recent parental benefit notice, a copy of your ID card/ and, or your Passport, your deregistration confirmation, and a signed power of attorney (we will provide you with one after your booking). We take it from there. We provide you with a tracking code from the registered mail to see when your cancellation has arrived in the parental benefit office.

What are the payment options?

  • Credit card
  • (Instant) Bank Transfer
  • Apple pay
  • PayPal
  • Bancontact
  • EPS
  • Giropay
  • iDEAL
  • Przelewy24
  • KBC/ CBC Payment Button
  • Belfius Direct Net

Once you click “buy,” we direct you to our payment provider’s page. There you can complete your payment. We do not store your payment details at any time! After successful payment, we redirect you back to our site.