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Deregistration Confirmation Copy

Get a copy of your deregistration confirmation

We book excerpt from the registry file of the citizens’ office!

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Facts About The German Deregistration Confirmation

If you need a copy of your deregistration confirmation you should not miss our detailed blog post on this topic: German deregistration confirmation

When do I get a deregistration certificate?

When you move away from Germany, you must deregister your address in the citizen’s office. If you do so in person, you receive your confirmation immediately. You can also file your deregistration via mail. In such a case, you must provide a German address to receive your deregistration confirmation.
If you choose our deregistration service, you can deregister your address online, and we will provide you with a digital version of the deregistration confirmation via email. We also offer the additional service of sending the original document abroad to your new address.

I have never deregistered from Germany

It happens repeatedly that people forget to deregister from Germany or simply do not know that it is necessary. If the offices determine that mail can no longer be delivered to your address, your address will be deregistered “officially”. No confirmation of deregistration will be issued.

If it is a mistake, you must still contact your residents’ registration office to clarify the matter and request an extract from the residents’ register. The date selected by the office will be displayed.

If you want a specific date to be displayed, you will have to prove the date of your departure with different documents.

If you have been deregistered by the authorities because you emigrated and forgot to deregister, you can no longer obtain a proper deregistration certificate.

What is an extract from the civil register?

An extract from the civil register can also be referred to as an extended certificate of registration. The registration history is listed there and it is also evident that one is no longer registered in Germany. This certificate always costs a fee. There is no standard for the processing fee and it varies from municipality to municipality. We have seen amounts between 5 euros and 25 euros.

With the service of the handling fee is already included in the price. So you don’t have to pay anything extra.

How long does the application take?

The processing time of the offices varies greatly throughout Germany and can take between one and 12 weeks. Most offices have recovered well after the Corona turmoil and processes are running properly again and only take so long in exceptions. But in some municipalities it is not so. Especially in Berlin and Munich we experience very long waiting times. There, it is also difficult to get personal appointments if you prefer to take care of your affairs locally.

Why do I need a deregistration confirmation from Germany?

Deregistering your German address when moving abroad is mandatory by German law. With the deregistration confirmation, you can terminate many contracts before the end of their term. You need it to end your broadcasting fees and various ties with Germany. It is also essential to have to renew your passport or ID card, as your embassy will not serve you if you can’t prove that you no longer hold a residence in Germany.

You need a deregistration certificate when applying for the following from abroad:
⦁ Application for a German pension refund
⦁ Renew German passport
⦁ Apply for a German identity card

Have you lost your deregistration confirmation from Germany?

You have already left Germany and have lost your deregistration certificate? No problem.

The original deregistration confirmation is only issued once. When you book our service, we order an excerpt from the registry file of the citizens’ office. The registry document shows the registration and the deregistration of your German address and can be used for the same purposes as the deregistration confirmation.

If you booked your deregistration with SympatMe, we could send you a copy via email within a few days.

Do you need a copy of your registration confirmation from Germany?

Do you need a confirmation that you were once registered in Germany? Maybe to claim your German statutory pension when you reach retirement age?

Book our service. We request an excerpt from the registry of residents of your city. From this extract you can see exactly when you registered your residence in Germany and when you finally deregistered it.

We are happy to assist you.

Why do I need to pay an authority fee contribution?

When applying for an excerpt from your registration history, the offices always charge a fee. These fees vary between 5 euros and 25 euros throughout Germany.

We automatically cover the costs of up to 15 euros and reserve a portion for our work, bank- and tax-related costs.

In rare cases, the fee exceeds our flat rate – we will inform you of this in good time.


Book your deregistration certificate online

Get your copy

Now € 59,90 / one-time

Authority fee contribution
+ € 19,90
(we pay office fees up to 15 euros)

+ € 24,90 (optional)
Shipping original documents to your new address (after deregistration, excl. postage)

How the process works:

  • Click on the button “start now”
  • Fill out the form (please use the original move-out date)
  • Enter all persons for whom a deregistration confirmation is required
  • After payment, you will receive an email with a link
  • Open a ticket in our protected customer area and upload all IDs/passports
  • We will pay any necessary additional fees to the citizen’s office
  • After we receive the registration confirmation, we will send you a scan of the original document
  • If you wish, we can send the registration confirmation to your new address for an additional fee.

We work with you individually, and our tailored approach allows you to choose the right service
for you!

Our service is fully online, which means that you will not or barely need to deal with any paperwork, yes, even in Germany!

We are experts in our field, and you can trust that we will work on your case with commitment
and accuracy!

Facts about our Service

FAQ Copy of the deregistration confirmation

What is the procedure?

To obtain an excerpt from the registry office, you must complete a German application form and hand it in along with proof of identity. You then receive your document. A fee of between €4 and €20 is charged for issuing the extended registration certificate (varies from office to office). The problem is that you require a valid passport to travel, so showing up in person can be impossible. If you need the registry excerpt for this purpose, your only option is to apply via mail. It can take very long, and sometimes documents go missing. German authorities don’t use tracked mail.

When you book our copy confirmation service, you must fill in the form we provide in English and upload a copy of your passport or ID card. We will assist you in paying the fee to the citizen’s office. Once we receive your document, we will provide you with a digital version via email, which is sufficient in most cases. We can send your original document to your new address abroad via tracked mail for an additional fee.

Why choose our service?
  1. We are faster & more secure than the citizens’ registration offices:
    Of course, it’s the fastest to go there in person. But most of our customers don’t have that option. With SympatMe, you can book online, which is faster than sending documents to the citizens’ office via mail. If the citizens’ office sends your document via standard post and your mail goes missing, you’ll need to start over. With SympatMe, you receive a digital version as soon as we receive your document. And when we send your original, we only use tracked mail. This way, we avoid the possibility of losing the registration certificate, so it arrives safely and quickly at your home.
  2. We do all the work:
    All you need to do is upload a copy of your ID or passport and the completed application (in English), and we will do the rest. We take care of the translation and the communication with the authorities. We receive your document and forward it to you.
  3. Entirely online process:
    You don’t need a printer! With us, you can sign online and scan it with a free Scan App, like IScan or Docutain. The authorities send the document to our German address. We provide you with a digital version. It is sufficient in 99% of cases and does not cost extra.
What are the payment options?

You can choose from the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • (Instant) Bank Transfer
  • Apple pay
  • PayPal
  • Bancontact
  • EPS
  • Giropay
  • iDEAL
  • Przelewy24
  • KBC/ CBC Payment Button
  • Belfius Direct Net

Once you click “buy,” we direct you to our payment provider’s page. There you can complete your payment.

We do not store your payment details at any time!

After successful payment, we redirect you back to our site.