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Contract Cancellation

Leaving Germany: Ultimate Checklist

  • 11 min read

Leaving Germany: A Comprehensive Guide Saying Farewell to Germany Leaving Germany: This Comprehensive Guide provides expats our ultimate checklist and invaluable information on the necessary steps to take when relocating away from Germany. Suppose you have been living in Germany and decide to relocate back… Read More »Leaving Germany: Ultimate Checklist

Couple with ultrasound picture of their baby

Parental benefits in Germany

  • 16 min read

What is Elterngeld? Parental benefit supports parents who work less or not at all after birth to care for their child. Parental allowance is available for all mothers and fathers. With parental allowance, you can work up to 32 hours per week, and it is… Read More »Parental benefits in Germany

an old radio on a wooden table

What is the Rundfunkbeitrag?

  • 13 min read

What is the Rundfunkbeitrag? Broadcasting fee in Germany – ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice (GEZ) The Rundfunkgebühr, commonly known as the “broadcasting fee,” plays a crucial role in financing public broadcasting companies in Germany. Administered by the ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice (GEZ), the broadcasting fee (“Rundfunkbeitrag”)… Read More »What is the Rundfunkbeitrag?

Child Benefit Cancellation: Four children standing hand in hand with rubber boots in the mud

What is Kindergeld in Germany?

  • 16 min read

Child benefit payment in Germany Kindergeld is a payment that parents can claim from the German state. This child benefit payment ensures the essential provision for your children from birth until their 18th birthday. It primarily benefits families with small and medium incomes. During a… Read More »What is Kindergeld in Germany?

Car Deregistration: old Mercedes with german license plate

Deregister your vehicle online 

  • 21 min read

Deregister your car when leaving Germany Despite recent increases in cycling and a visible consolidation of public transport – at least until the corona pandemic in spring 2020 – passenger transport in Germany is dominated by car use. Cars have long been part of the… Read More »Deregister your vehicle online 

Person signs contract

Cancelling contracts in Germany

  • 13 min read

Cancel contracts when leaving Germany Have you lived in Germany for a few years and are currently planning to leave Germany? Then you have probably already noticed how much organizational effort is involved in such a move. We want to help you with this article… Read More »Cancelling contracts in Germany

Germany Deregistration Confirmation(copy)

Deregistration from Germany | Guidelines for Expats Leaving Germany

  • 69 min read

German Residence Deregistration: Essential Steps Before You Depart Understanding the Importance of Deregistration  Before you move out of Germany, it’s vital to deregister your residence. This action has significant legal and practical implications. Bypassing the deregistration process can lead to unwelcome complications. Dive deeper into… Read More »Deregistration from Germany | Guidelines for Expats Leaving Germany

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

German Deregistration Confirmation

  • 16 min read

When do I get a deregistration certificate? Are you planning to leave Germany and start a new chapter elsewhere? Then don’t forget to deregister. The deregistration procedure is a necessary step when leaving Germany. The deregistration certificate confirms that your residence in Germany has ended.… Read More »German Deregistration Confirmation